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Ideals 2018-05-01
1.To bring specialties into full play and aspire for excellence.
2.To integrate multidiscipline and balance multidimensional developments.
3.To be hardworking and down-to-earth.
4.To fulfill our duty at work and be responsible for our jobs.
What’s special
1.In addition to having the athletic skills, students are encouraged to learn secondary skills in other fields. Students can choose minor or credit course to reinforce their competitiveness for future employment.
2. We plan to cooperate with special education and preschool education. Learning from these two areas, students can possess the learning capabilities in special and preschool athletics and broaden their learning aspects.
3. Our department is full of equipment for different sports. We will ask students to operate all equipment by themselves. This way can foster interests in scientific experiments and academic research in athletics. All efforts are made for advanced studies.
4. In order to promote interest in sport and athletics, we try to integrate different dimensions of the two as much as possible. Our ultimate goals are to cultivate top athletic researchers, physical educators and sport instructors.
Future Developments:
1. To follow the directions of educational reformations, we will enhance our efforts to foster sport talents in our local, folk and aboriginal activities. Our efforts will also be evident in our community and leisure exercises. By doing so, we will develop the diverse characteristics of the department.
2. Besides keeping our goals in teacher cultivation, our department will try to adjust the major courses of leisure industry, health care and tourism. We will establish an apprenticeship program with these industries, so that students will be exposed to more meaningful experiences and, therefore, expand their possibilities in future career paths.
3. We plan to establish a research and development center in athletics and health care. The main tasks of this center will be to launch researches in health theory and practice for all the people. Evaluation and instruction of the physical curriculum will be implemented. We also plan to provide support services relative to the health care undertakings.
4. To offer the possibility of further education for in-service teachers, we will actively prepare for a master degree in physical education.
5. We will strive to integrate and reinforce the contents and activities of the general knowledge courses between athletics and health care. For increasing the quality of the playgrounds in physical leisure fields, we plan to financially invest in books, materials, and equipment as deemed necessary.
Career Envisioning
1. To cultivate the teachers in charge of classes and the teachers in athletics.
2. To cultivate the teachers in adapted physical exercises and the teachers in preschool physical capacities.
3. To cultivate professional athletes and sport instructors.
4. To cultivate talented managers and administrators in physical administration.
5. To cultivate entrepreneurs to manage the physical leisure industry.
6. To cultivate talented researchers in academic athletics.